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September Newsletter

Posted on: September 4th, 2019

 History of Chiropractic Medicine
   This month marks the 124th anniversary of Chiropractic Medicine.  In 1895 D.D. Palmer, known as the founder of Chiropractic, performed the first neck adjustment under the premise that the body has an innate intelligence that governs and controls all systems of the body.  D.D. Palmer began to teach the Chiropractic art, but as more and more of the population was being healed by correcting spinal alignments there began to be pushback from other forms of conventional medical treatment.  While chiropractic was trying to solidify itself as a profession many states had different laws and statutes regarding the practice of Chiropractic Medicine.  Many of the early chiropractors found themselves being jailed for practicing Chiropractic Medicine without a license.
   Fast forward to the scientific edification of Chiropractic Medicine today, the profession has never seen a brighter future.  It is widely being accepted as preliminary conservative treatment for lumbar spine pain of a mechanical etiology.  Doctors of all varieties are seeing positive changes in mutual patients and referring to chiropractors at an exceedingly higher rate than ever before.
   Chiropractic Medicine has been around a long time.  Its’ continued success is a testament to the power of the bodies innate intelligence, that patients from all over the world would trust chiropractors to take care of their health and well being.  It is a tremendously rewarding profession and we are indebted to the past chiropractors that paved the way for us to have such a bright future ahead.
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