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Patients Kind Words

At 37 weeks I went to see my midwife and my baby was transverse. My midwife wanted me to see a chiropractor to help her turn. Within 2 adjustments with Dr. Kendra my baby turned. I’ve been so amazed that I feel more comfortable at 38 weeks pregnant than I did at 34 weeks.  I’m virtually pain free in my  back and pelvis. I never want to go another pregnancy with out chiropractic care again. – Julianne


I would recommend Wilbanks Chiropractic to everyone! They are always super friendly and take the time to truly diagnose your problem, not just treat every problem the same way. In the past I’ve gotten relief from lower back pain, and today Dr Brandon worked wonders on my neck. If you’re having any kind of back or neck issues go see them today! – Kyle

If your child is getting ear infection and your doctor suggests they get tubes in their ears DONT DO IT!!!! There is a better solution; When Allayah was a year-and-a-half she got five infections in the time span of six months. The doctor told me she was going to need tubes in her ears. After talking to my cousin Brandon Wilbanks, a chiropractor, he suggested I bring her in to see his wife, Dr. Kendra Wilbanks, so I did. She hasn’t had an ear infection since. Fast forward to now, Martez has had an ear infection for the past 3 months with non-stop congestion. He has done two full rounds of antibiotics, but because his stomach was getting so messed up I stopped him on the 3rd day of his 3 round of antibiotics, all of which were different kinds of antibiotics. Even with taking probiotics it was still messing up his tummy BAD. The Dr. Suggested he get tubes in his ears, but having been in this situation before I knew it wasn’t necessary. Y’ALL after just ONE visit to Dr. Kendra ALL his congestion is gone!! GONE!! – Tawny

They were so nice! I was in pain for a week, went to the doctor and they just gave me medicine (didn’t actually fix the problem) called into Wilbanks and they got me in fast and my pain was gone! They were so respectful and willing to help me! I have been pain free for two days now! I’m truly thankful!! – Jasmine

Dr. Kendra is great! She has helped my through two pregnancies and beyond! – Krystal

I have long suffered from severe headaches and, more recently, lower back pain due to the physical stress of my occupation (Dentistry). Drs. Brandon and Kendra Wilbanks, through regular treatment and appointments, have given me back a pain free lifestyle that allows me to treat my patients with complete confidence. I highly recommend this practice for any individual who may be seeking treatment options for pain associated with their bodies. These two bright, young, and highly educated Drs. have my complete confidence. – Beau Evans D.D.S.

Brandon and Kendra are very kind and professional. Doc always gives great information as to what he’s adjusting and instruction for day to day maintenance. They’re easy to find and always welcoming. My back thanks you –Rydr

I was in a car accident that affected my neck and arm. Dr. Wilbanks was great at assessing the damage, explaining the healing process and putting together a program to correct the issues. They were also very helpful with dealing with the insurance claim that I had to file. I had never been to a chiropractor before and both Dr.’s made the experience seamless and easy. If you are looking for exceptional Christian doctors who care about their patients I would definitely recommend Wilbanks Chiropractic. – John

So thankful for the expertise and care provided by both these fabulous chiropractors! Their knowledge and skills have proven to be consistently effective for my entire family (ages 6months and up). Highly recommend!! – Connie

Dr. Wilbanks has helped me overcome low back pain and improve my spinal range of motion. I enjoy lifting weights and will occasionally get stiff and his treatments really help me move and feel better. – Kyle

I was having a lot of tightness in between my shoulders and mid back. I’ve  consistently been coming for close to 4 or 5 years now. I very seldom have problems. We have constantly been loosening up my muscles which has led to a greater range of motion. They have been great. I highly recommend them.  – Rodney


Today was my first time visiting Wilbanks Chiropractic. Dr. Brandon was extremely thorough in my initial exam. He explained in detail exactly what was going on with my back opposed to just jumping right in and “fixing” the issue. I now have a greater understanding as to why I experience pain and how to fix the issues in the future. Im looking forward to working with them from here on out. I’d gladly recommend them to anyone needing chiropractic care! – Dj

Thank you, Dr. Kendra & Dr. Brandon! You guys are AMAZING with AMAZING results! Feeling so good! – Jean

Dr. Brandon and Dr. Kendra have helped both me and my wife with our back and hip pain. I recently played my first round of golf without any back pain (during or after) thanks to Dr. Brandon! – Shawn

Dr. Brandon is awesome, he has really put me back on track to achieve my fitness & mobility goals. Go see Wilbanks Chiropractic today!!    – Rodney

Dr. Kendra and Dr. Brandon are the best! They are so caring and have helped my back issues tremendously! – Paula

I am runner and it was getting to the point where it was hard for me to walk at times because I was so stiff.  I don’t really have any issues or soreness as often through my maintenance care at the office. – Ronnie


I’ve been seeing Dr. Brandon for about a month now, I have been very happy with his professionalism, and communication, he works wonders on my back and neck. I was always a little skeptical of letting someone near my back, but he is patient and careful and listens well to my needs and concerns. Thanks Dr. Wilbanks! – Anthony

Dr. Kendra is amazing! Definitely go see her! – Robin

Dr. Kendra has helped me tremendously with my neck & back pain! Such a family, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Definitely recommend going there if you’re needing to get adjusted they will go above & beyond to meet you’re needs & make you feel comfortable!- Brittany

Super friendly staff and clean office, up to date with equipment and technology. They listen to my concerns and really take time with their patients. Highly recommend! – Naomi