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Kids Adjustments

Why do kids need chiropractic care?

Kids are constantly moving and growing which can put physical stress on their spine. The earliest stress on the spine can begin in utero. Chiropractic is based on removing these stresses (malposition of the vertebrae) via the adjustment allowing the nervous system to function properly. The nervous system controls and coordinates the entire body so when there is an interference in the nervous system it can have a wide range of effects on the child.

Is chiropractic safe for kids?

Yes! Chiropractic care is safe for children of all ages.

Does it hurt?

In general chiropractic care is painless unless the child has an injured area. If that is the case then they may be sensitive to touch but most commonly feels better after the adjustment.

How can I tell if my child needs chiropractic care?

Parents often do not know when their child should see a chiropractor unless the child has a complaint or obvious issue. A few things to look for in your child are; restricted neck movements, postural changes such as a high shoulder or hip, digestive issues and difficulty breastfeeding.

Common symptoms/issues that can be linked to interferences in the nervous system include:
Allergies/sinus problems, Chronic ear infections, Colic, Digestive issues, Headaches, Torticollis (wryneck)

For more information, please visit the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.