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February Newsletter

Posted on: February 10th, 2021



Tips to Avoid Back Pain


  • Maintain a healthy weight – Staying fit is one of the most important recommendations for avoiding back pain.
  • Keep your back muscles strong – When you build up enough muscle strength in your back with exercise, the muscles give your spine the support it needs to keep it healthy.
  • Stretch your muscles – In addition to exercise, stretching is important for staying flexible and avoiding back problems. It’s also a key part of recovering from a back injury. The ultimate stretching exercise: yoga.
  • Focus on good posture. Poor posture is another major contributor of back pain. Standing up straight with your ears over your shoulders, your shoulders over your hip joints, and your hip joints over your ankles will help keep your healthy pain-free.
  • Lift properly. When you do pick up a heavy object, bend at the knees and keep the item close to your body.
  • Leave your purse at home – Carrying a bag changes your balance and can change the curve of your spine. Even a wallet full of cards and receipts in your back pocket can affect your back because it puts pressure on your sciatic nerve.
  • Practice stress relief – Stress tends to make back pain worse. That can also be another good reason to practice yoga.
  • Sleep well – Soft mattresses push your back out of alignment, so it’s best to choose a mattress that’s in the range of medium to firm for back pain relief.

(source everdayhealth.com)



Kamrey Update
Kamrey is officially 8 months old and loving every minute of it! We wanted to give you a little update along with a few of her favorite things since most of you see this little lady around the office…
  • she loves to clap
  • smiling is her favorite
  • she has 6 teeth making their debut
  • and she has an amazing fashion sense 


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