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September Newsletter

Posted on: September 4th, 2020

We can not believe it is already September…What?!! But that means weather changing, kids going back to school, and time to get healthy and realigned! Dr. Kendra is back in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays all day, and Dr. Brandon has his regular schedule so call us to get set up and ready for fall!
Also, don’t forget we are having beginners yoga every Monday at 5:30. This is very beginner friendly and we will gradually move up once we get the hang of poses and stretches. Classes at $10.00 for a 45 min class and we would so love to have you. Here are some one the benefits that can happen when you combine Yoga and Chiropractic Care!

1. Yoga focuses on strengthening joints and ligaments.

Often times when we exercise, we only target major muscle groups leaving the small little joints a ligaments untouched and weak. Yoga, however, focuses on ALL muscles in your body- even the smallest ones you didn’t even know you had. With greater strength in your smaller muscles, comes less work for your large muscles and an evenly balanced body. This can prevent injury and cut down recovery time for those who are already injured. Yoga promotes strength from head to toe making the body more able to receive chiropractic care. A stronger body can respond better to chiropractic care than a body that is stiff, sore and uneven.

2.. Yoga promotes healing.

Because yoga exercises are aimed to stretch and elongate the body, they release built up tension and stress. Doing yoga before visiting your chiropractor can “warm-up” your muscles and clear your mind. Therefore, Dr. Wilbanks can get straight to treating your problem as you will be relaxed upon arrival. In short, yoga readies your body to heal.

3. Like chiropractic care, yoga increases range of motion and mobility.

If you are suffering from a major injury or specific deep rooted condition, a chiropractor may have to spend more time “prepping” your body before solving the issue or treating the injury. This can be frustrating for patients who want their problem to be solved immediately. That being said, yoga can increase your body’s flexibility and range of motion, saving work for your chiropractor. Yoga, like chiropractic care, is especially beneficial for those suffering from neck, back, hip or joint pain. The more work you do outside of your chiropractor’s office, the more in-depth work your chiropractor is able to do during your visit.

4. Yoga, like chiropractic care, helps prevent future injury.

Both yoga and chiropractic care keep the body aligned, promote balance, stretch and relieve tense muscles, and ensure proper joint operation- all things that create a body less susceptible to future injury. When done in tandem, individuals find their results are greater than when done alone.

5. Yoga and chiropractic care teach you about your body.

Chiropractors and yoga teachers know vast amounts of information about the way your body works, and you should too. By having an awareness about good posture and your body’s overall function, you can live a healthier lifestyle. Give us a call for any additional information! We hope you all have a great September!

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