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Oklahoma Shout

Posted on: December 9th, 2014

For today’€™s blog I wanted to talk about a great little company putting Oklahomans and Oklahoma businesses first. Oklahoma Shout is a website that allows only Oklahoma businesses to promote themselves and offer deals to other Oklahomans.

If you know you need something, for instance a new chiropractor, then all you do is go to Oklahomashout.com and search for chiropractor. Or, simply click a category link, health/medical and scroll through local businesses and find the incredible deal that Wilbanks Chiropractic is offering to everyone on Oklahoma Shout!

Personal plugs aside, the idea of having a place where local businesses can directly advertise to you without having to compete against the larger market companies is exciting. It is a great way to help grow our communities internally. I encourage everyone to not only check out the Oklahoma Shout website, but to also search locally first. Your neighbors want you to do business with them, and they will offer great deals and incentives to get your business, all you have to do is look for them.