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November Newsletter

Posted on: November 6th, 2019



Our office will be CLOSED
November 28th & 29th

Washington Irving Festival
October came and went, which is really surprising for a month that has 31 days.  The Washington Irving Festival was our Halloween trunk or treat festival, which we participate in every year.  And, being promoters of optimal health in the community we gave out things for children other than candy, candy, candy.  The main item was our Little bit of Light for Your Halloween Night, glowsticks! Along with spooky themed toys, rings, stickers etc.
Do you suffer from numbness or tingling?

This month we would like to highlight a specific complaint we hear quite often.  Numbness and tingling.  This is a common symptom of nerve interference.  Did you know, that only about 10% of our nerves sense pain?  This means that nerves tell us things are wrong in other ways besides just giving us pain.  One of those ways is numbness.  Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with numb fingers?  Specifically, the little and ring fingers?  Well, the nerve that leaves the at 7th cervical vertebrae specifically innervates the pinky and ring finger.  This nerve typically gets irritated during sleep when a patient is sleeping on their shoulder, or sleeping with the shoulders in close proximity to the ears.  It can also happen when driving with one arm up on the steering wheel or many other positions where that area of the spine is under tension. 

If you are feeling symptoms of numbness and tingling your nerves are telling you they aren’t happy.  Make an appointment with us today to ensure happy nerves this holiday season!

November Winner
Congratulations Joanna!