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March Newsletter

Posted on: May 30th, 2019


10th- Daylight Savings

17th- St. Patrick’s Day

18th- Office will be Closed

18th- 22nd- Spring Break



Wow!  February went quick.  It’s time to start saying goodbye to Winter and welcome in Spring.  As the sun shines on us longer during the day we’ll see everything start to come to life again.  Sunlight is nature’s best way at giving us the Vitamin D that we need to be healthy and happy.  So, don’t be afraid to get out on those nice days and soak up some of that glorious sunshine.

What We’re Reading!

Put Your Heart in Your Mouth:  As I mentioned last month, Put Your Heart in Your Mouth, is another Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride book.  It focuses on heart disease, what it is, where it starts, and what we can do about it.  It will also be debunking some old ideas to what causes heart disease.  Let’s get into it.

The book starts off straight away acknowledging the Diet-Heart Hypothesis.  This Diet-Heart Hypothesis is a hypothesis.  In fact it’s a hypothesis that has been proven wrong many times over.  However, in the length of time it took to disprove the hypothesis a well invested agricultural and pharmaceutical commercial machine took off running with the hypothesis, and the next thing you know this non-factual hypothesis was widely accepted as fact by most doctors and consumers.  Proposed in 1953 by Ancel Keys, “the hypothesis stated that dietary fats, including cholesterol, cause heart disease, and by avoiding these foods we can avoid developing heart disease.”  Well, this sounded good and theory, but after further analyzation the data was severely misrepresented and, as I mentioned, has now been disproven again and again.

Dr. Natasha felt the need to right the ship regarding fats and cholesterol straight away in her book, with the second chapter being titled Cholesterol:  Friend or Foe?  To boil it down for you dear reader, cholesterol is your friend.  Cholesterol and saturated fats make up the majority of our healthy cells and nearly all of our brain and nervous system.  The synapses that connect nerve endings to other nerves are almost entirely made of cholesterol.  It would be accurate to say cholesterol is one of the most important molecules in our body.  Cholesterol is a big time healer in the body, which might be one of the reasons to mistakenly associate it negatively with heart disease.  Cholesterol is there to clean up the wreck going on in your arteries from other processed foods and vegetable oils.  This wreck is what is known as atherosclerosis.  Cholesterol coming to the aid, would be analogous to ambulances responding to car accidents on the city streets, and city officials blaming the accidents on ambulances.

Her book, then goes on to discuss preventive measures for atherosclerosis and heart disease, as well as, offers a lot of good recipes for cooking that will not be harmful to the arterial walls, therefor reducing arterial inflammation and not needing the aid of cholesterol to come into the area to heal.  I believe this is one of her best books, and can be a real benefit to the reader.

Feeling Lucky? The week prior to St. Patrick’s day, we will have a pot full of “gold” in the office. The person who guesses closest to the total, will take home all the chocolate!