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June Newsletter

Posted on: June 5th, 2019



June 16th- Fathers Day







Around The Office

We are thrilled that we had Adam in our office for a week in May. Adam, from Knutson Physical Preparation, arranged fitness assessments for our patients. The assessment is based on a functional movement screen, which is a screening tool that helps identify limitations or asymmetries. It involves 7 key movement patterns and measures the quality of movement. After that, it focuses on the needs and goals of the individual. Our patients enjoyed the experience. We are planning more collaborations with Adam in our office. 


Are you affected by TMJ? The Temporal bone of your skull and the mandible or jawbone fit together to from a hinge-like joint. When an imbalance of the TMJ is found it can be corrected by balancing the jaws muscular activity with Chiropractic. Chiropractors may help with TMJ by alleviating tension and dysfunction in the spine. Chiropractic treatment will reduce the pressure on various nerves, which then alleviates pain associated with TMJ.

                  May’s Raffle Winner

Congrats to Christi, she won our monthly raffle drawing, which was a gift card to Massage Envy


               Monthly Drawing

One ticket will be randomly selected at the end of each month. June’s giveaway will be grill essentials, in honor of Fathers Day this month. The ticket entries are listed below.
1 Ticket- per appointment
5 Tickets- check into our office on Facebook.
5 Tickets- share one of our Facebook posts.
10 Tickets- refer someone into our office.