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February Newsletter

Posted on: May 29th, 2019


The month of January ended with a bang!  The Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Gala was a fantastic night, full of memories with friends and business acquaintances, and recognizing leaders in our community with outstanding awards.  The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino was the site of the Awards Gala, and they treated us right with top notch food and accommodations.  While we didn’t take home any awards ourselves, it was a pleasure to see our friends be honored for their hard work and diligence.  The Bixby community is truly a unique community that we are excited to be involved with year after year.


What We are Reading

Vegetarianism Explained:  In Dr. Natasha Cambell-Mcbride’s book Vegetarianism Explained, she does a fabulous job of breaking through all the junk of the modern day convoluted westernized diet.  Specifically known as the Standard American Diet (SAD), and it is sad indeed.  To break it down in its simplicity there are a few take home points that I would like you all to know about.

Vegetarianism, is it healthy or not?  Yes, vegetables can be a healthy addition to your diet.  However, a plant based diet should not be the staple of what your meals consist of.  Dr. Natasha makes it abundantly clear that vegetables or plants are primarily cleansers of the body.  Plants help to cleanse and are beneficial in aiding a natural detox or cleanse to the body, and can be helpful when fasting.  Dr. Natasha is very clear that a plant based diet is a fasting state for the body, and being in a prolonged fasting state can have serious consequences and detrimental health side effects including anything from depression to Alzheimer’s, to heart disease and cancers.

This book highlights myths of plant based diets, as well as, animal based diets.  Animal fats and proteins are described as building foods.  They should be the staple of your diet, and necessary for pregnant mothers and young children.  She even says as much to women trying to conceive a child, noting that if you eat lots of saturated animal fats you will have no problems conceiving.

Her book has a wealth of information, as well as, recipes and meal ideas for the reader.  I would highly recommend this book to everyone concerned with diet and nutrition, as her book is also cited and referenced with medical journals, so the reader can be assured they are getting accurate information.

In summary, use plant based foods to help the body cleanse, and animal based foods to help the body build.  After reading this book I quickly started on another book of Dr. Natasha’s which I’ll summarize for you next month, on the topic of heart disease, what it is and which foods contribute to it.

February Raffle Ticket Drawing

We are having a monthly drawing! One ticket will be randomly selected at the end of each month. The ticket entries are listed below. 
1 Ticket- show up to your appointment ( 1 per month).
5 Tickets- Check into our office on Facebook.
5 Tickets- Share one of our Facebook posts.
10 Tickets- Refer someone into our office.